Body Treatments

Red Flower natural luxury beauty products calm, restore and nurture the whole system through the power of generous aromatherapy, concentrated botanical nutrients, formulation texture that brings pleasure to the senses, processes encourage a positive shift in daily habits and application techniques that draw from healing traditions proven to reduce toxicity and increase circulation, blood flow and energy.

The red flower therapeutic approach provides a curative escape in the hands of the world’s best holistic health practitioners and in
the sanctuary of home, creating a path to living fully through transforming daily personal care routines into a healthy approach
to ageless, lasting radiance. A moment taken to reconnect and restore. Take Time.

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What we offer

Listed below are the Red Flower services we offer. See something here not on our list? Please reach out to us and we’d be happy to chat!

Red Flower Ohana Circulation Polish: 60 Minutes $65

Reveal a natural, healthy smooth glow. The traditional handcrafted exfoliating bamboo brush used in the Japanese bathing practice has evolved into a invigorating fine grain scrub. The exfoliating powers of bamboo polish away impurities while soothing and toning the skin. Combined with the exhilarating oils of ginger and lime which help contour the body by stimulating blood flow and warming the skin, leaving it firm and radiant. Complete the feeling of soft skin with a warming application of kinmoxei wild lime silk oil layered with a cooling plum blossom silk cream, containing delicate, protective layers of silk and further creating energy in the body.

Red Flower Light As Air Lymphatic Cloud Cream Wrap: 60 Minutes $70

Stimulate the lymphatic system and promote cellular regeneration with a rich mushroom and phyto-nutrient wrap for optimal health from the inside and out. During your wrap, be anointed with the whole essential oils of arctic berry and rose in an acupressure facial massage. Cool the body with delicate cloud of ionizing mist to oxygenate and prepare the body for moisture. Close with an application of rich arctic berry cloud milk cream to deeply hydrate, nourish, and protect.

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