– Wood Element –

Written by Maggie Bertsche

The first full moon of spring, known as the pink moon, will be in full bloom April 11. The pink moon marks the season of all new and exciting things to come. After many long winter nights resting our bones, restoring our nerves, and gathering more strength we have finally arrived in spring! What we harvest in summer and fall depends on how we organize, plant, and envision now. Over the years living in Nebraska I have witnessed farmers, flower growers, and vegetable lovers taking time to set intentions with a plan of action to harness the resting energy from winter. To parallel nature bursting open in explosive energy in spring  I’ve noticed that people come out of hibernation with similar new inspiration.

The Five Element Theory is the foundation to Zen Shiatsu. Practicing Zen Shiatsu in massage leads me to a deeper understanding of patterns people experience season to season. This spring season I wanted to begin to share more information, observations, and tips to better support clients as they transition out of winter into spring. According to the Five Element Theory spring brings the element of wood. Tis’ the season for gallbladder and liver! A time for decisive action in how we distribute energy, decision making, and detox. In order to utilize the upward movement to our greatest potential how do we decide what needs to go so as not to get blocked from moving forward?

Spring cleaning is not just a cliché. The capacity to organize our efforts effectively can lead to great creative energy. Imagine a blade of grass blocked by asphalt. Underneath the weight of the environment the plant cannot shoot upwards to express itself. Our environments can sometimes be the asphalt. Anger, frustration, and/or depression could be potential signs that we are working through some heavy asphalt in our lives. So, how can we bring more mindfulness to the spaces we live in to better express our visions?

Simple steps might be cleaning the car out, letting go of old clothes, or painting a hallway a fresh light color. Simplifying our spaces can help eliminate distractions to better help us focus on what brings us joy. Inspiration! Simplicity! Movement! What no longer serves us has got to go and that means inside and out. Time to move forward while focusing on what really gets our juices going. Let go of the dead stuff, decide what you really need, and create empty space for all the new energy pouring in. The best way to block the wood element from bursting upwards would be to hold on or to shut down. Up and out!

It could be messy. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We do or best to organize and it doesn’t go our way. Life happens. This season of giving birth to new ideas I wish you an abundance of unbridled creativity and happy organizing. Whatever you decide… Please …..don’t hold back. We will be here at the spa to help with any cleaning up and encouragement. Happy Spring!

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